Welcome to La Tamalera. Here you will find the remarkable machine that helps you save time while creating delicious Tamales. Please watch the video below for a demonstration.

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La Tamalera Tamale Machine

  • Produces 1 dozen tamales per minute
  • Capacity: 6 dozen per cycle – 6 lbs> masa & 3 lbs.> meat (approx.)
  • Tamale Size: 1 inch diameter
  • Heavy Duty Steel Construction
  • Machine Size: 39 inch high x 18 inch base
  • Machine Weight: 65 lbs.

La Tamalera Tamale Machine is:

  • Practical – Because of its floor model design, one can operate it anywhere. It does not need to be bolted or clamped to anything.
  • Easy & Fun to Operate – With its hand cranked handle, it’s easy to produce Tamales. Simple & safe for even children to operate.
  • Produces a consistent tamale – All tamales come out the same
  • Meat does not have to be grinded – Because of its pressure, the meat flows easy, even coarse chopped meat, eliminating the grinding of meat and producing a better tamale
  • FDA Approved Materials – All contact parts are made with FDA approved Materials.
  • Designed for Commercial Industry – Made to work in a harsh environment. Parts will not crack or break, even when dropped.
  • Maintenance Free – Only easy and simple cleaning is necessary.

Two people can produce 200-240 dozen wrapped tamales in 8 hours with La Tamalera Tamale Machine.

Very small investment to get into the lucrative “Tamale Business“

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